December 12, 2011

Guest Blogger Sara Louise: Dreaming in French

Dear Readers,

Today, I present to you Sara Louise. She is writer of the popular expat blog " Sara in Le Petit Village." There, she enlightens readers on every topic, including Le Petit's "Traffic Jam," what lait de poule is (the translation will make you gag) and how one celebrates an American holiday (like Thanksgiving) in France. She's sweet, lighthearted and I always wonder what adventure she'll come up with next. Without further adieu:

I'm taking inspiration from the title of Jen's blog, but instead of a little bit about everything, how about a little bit about ME! But instead of me now, little me, like child me. So here's a little bit about little Sara Louise.

When I was in the third grade, if someone had told me that when I grew up, I would marry a handsome French boy and live in France, surrounded by French things and French people, I would have been the happiest little girl in the world (and if you told me that Hello Kitty was real, I would have been freaking ecstatic).  

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, and probably my parents too, I was obsessed with France. So obsessed that I convinced myself that I was part French (my last name has both French and English origins so I guess it might be Norman, but trust me, I'm not French. At all).

Try to picture me at nine... mop of curls on my head, in a pencil skirt and sweater set (I was très chic for nine) waving a homemade, colored penciled French flag over my head during the We are the World medley at my school's assembly (when it should have been an Irish or American flag), not knowing that one day my greatest wish would come true (unfortunately not the Hello Kitty coming to life and being my BFF wish though), and I would end up living in the land of berets, baguettes, and cheese. Of course I was picturing Paris with a dazzling Eiffel Tower view from my window, and instead I got Le Petit Village and lavendered Luberon mountain views (not too shabby) but whatever.  

So isn't it funny how life works out sometimes? Sometimes those wishes you made blowing out your birthday candles when you were little really do come true. Because since I live in France now, have a French husband and a French dog, well that kind of makes me French too. 

And if one day, Hello Kitty comes to life and shows up at my front door, I'll know that they really, really do! 

*Thanks Sara for being my guest!! To read more about Sara's life in Le Petit Village, click here.


  1. Thank you for guest blogging! :)

  2. How wonderful your dreams have come true! But I must say given your French dog's usual behaviour with stuffed toys, I think Hello Kitty would have a very short life if she showed up at your place.

  3. Sara, as always, I love your blog and this guest post made me smile... like a kid.



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