August 27, 2014

Landon Goes to Preschool

It seems like just yesterday that I heard him cry out for the first time in the operating room. 11:43 pm on Valentines Day. His voice sonorous and slightly frustrated. A few days late and still not in a hurry to greet the world; at least that's how I thought of it back then. He was the beginning of the end for me. My life, forever changed by the bundle snuggled in my arms day in and day out. 

Always the go-getter, accomplishing milestones ahead of the curve. Always racing towards the invisible finish line. 

How did we get here so fast? Once, tiny enough to rock to sleep in my arms while singing sweet lullabies and now, this sweet boy of mine hardly fits in my lap. 

Yesterday, he picked out his outfit and dressed himself. He brushed his teeth and put on his sneakers. He slid his backpack-the Spiderman one that he had to have- onto his shoulders and I laughed because it was almost as big as him. And he turned around and smiled wide and said, "Okay, I'm ready to go." And I smiled back, but thought to myself, "I'm not." I didn't want to move even an inch from that spot, because I knew that when I did, we'd be stepping into a new phase of our lives together. School fast tracks our babies somehow. Before I know it, he'll be in first grade and then fifth grade and then high school. And there's nothing I can do about it. 

When we got to the school, he hung his backpack on his special hook and went to sit down in his special seat and the teacher gave him some play dough to work with while the other kids got settled in. I squatted down beside him and he said, "Okay mom, you can leave now." Typical, independent Landon. He was happy. He was ready.

But I wasn't.

I walked out of the building and got into my car and I tried to be really brave. I thought about all of the wonderful things he will learn and the friends he will make and how happy I was that he was so happy. I didn't want him to cry or scream or beg me to stay. I wanted it to be easy, for both of us. 

The tears began to flow before I could stop them.  Something he tells me now on a regular basis: "I'm a big boy now, Mom." 

I know, baby. You go on ahead. Eventually, I'll be ready too.

August 25, 2014

Football & Family Fun

Football season is officially upon us!! How excited are you? Mr. B is over the moon, if you want to know the truth. He prepares for a new season the way I imagine most men do: by loading up on team jerseys, religiously checking play schedules and of course, stocking up on snacks and beer. (The last part being most important, obviously)


But the best part is that the boys are finally getting old enough to participate in game day festivities! They really enjoy getting caught up in the excitement when our team scores a touchdown and it's something that we can do together as a family. 

Just like most states, Kansas has some pretty big team rivalries. The University of Kansas Jayhawks are one of the top teams here. The fan spirit at these games is palpable. You can't help but get hyped up too, when surrounded with so much pride. Join in the tradition of tailgating and then head over to the Hy-Vee Hawk Zone before kick-off to take part in tackling station/drills, face painting, a fan photo booth, autograph signing from KU student-athletes, inflatable games and more! There's even a "Bark at the Park" day coming up where you can bring your furry friends for free. And they even have a really cool program for kids 13 & under called the Junior Jayhawks. It's all included here!

You might be saying, Jen, why is this program so cool? Well, it comes with some awesome fan gear for the kiddos and savings on tickets for you! I call that a win-win. 

 Membership benefits include:
  • T-shirt or Baby Bib
  • Membership Card and Adidas Lanyard (used for access to free tickets)
  • Birthday Card from Big and Baby Jay
  • Jayhawk Coin Pouch
  • FREE Admission to 2 Football games (9/6 vs. SE Missouri St., 9/20 vs. Central Michigan).
  • FREE Admission to 1 Men's Basketball game. Game will be decided in late Oct./early Nov. *
  • FREE Admission to: All home Women's Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball games.
  • E-mails about special ticket promotions and events exclusively for club members and their parents/guardians only

Junior Jayhawks also get some exclusive perks like cheering with the spirit squad and invitations to watch the team practice. 


I think the biggest perk however, is that it encourages them to become vested in a fun family outing. It makes them feel special and gets them excited and revved up to do it again. I don't know about you, but I sincerely hope the boys will always be up for family activities-even when they're older and we become a little less cool in their book. This is just one of many ways to do that. 


Football season is really the Bosse Family's time to shine. We live for it! How about you?

Now for the best news! Courtesy of the University of Kansas Athletics, I'm giving away a Jayhawk prize pack, including a 4-pack of family tickets to a KU game of your choice, one gift card to Downtown Lawrence and one Junior Jayhawk Kids Club Membership!

May the odds be ever in your favor and I hope to see you at the next game!

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*This post and giveaway is sponsored by Kansas Athletics. All opinions are my own.*

August 21, 2014

The Woman I Want to Be {Vol 2}

{Vol 1 here}

brave and bold and a little reckless

charmingly so

utterly unforgettable, the sort that has you ruminating over a philosophical conversation or daydreaming about her rich laugh

smart, but not in a condescending and oppressive way 

the kind that you'd want to dance with in the rain

that leaves you twirling round a light pole like Gene Kelly

who never loses the thirst for life, for passion, for knowledge

who speaks and all you can focus on is the way her eyes light up when she's filled with ideas

and the way her hands are always moving when she's sharing them

and how her hair falls softly across her face every now and again and you just want to reach over and tuck it back behind her ear ever so carefully

to create that still moment

one who never stops singing, even if it's not always good singing

and even if there is no reason to sing anyway

the kind that tears up while reading "the giving tree" and cries when she knows someone else is hurting and there's nothing she can do about it

who tries to do something about it anyway, even when she has no idea where to begin

always a lover

with a fair amount of fighter 

a smile that is mysteriously contagious

the sort who can stand firm when needed, but be pliant when it is warranted

who is never too stubborn or too full of herself to meet someone halfway

someone who is never afraid to learn the hard lessons

but can still admit when she is

a head full of possibility

and a heart overflowing with desire to see it through 

the kind that you can't help but fall in love with

because she's unlike anyone you've ever met before

and will probably ever meet again

the best part being of course, that she doesn't quite know her effects

the woman that makes you want to stay up all night talking 

but still wake up early enough to greet the sunrise with

the exception to the rule

the one who will never quite have it all figured out

yet rejoices in the unknown

who is not ashamed of her flaws

or yours.

August 18, 2014

Just Between Friends- Fall Edition

In most parts of Kansas, a new school year has officially begun! I've seen parents scurrying for last minute items or forgotten supplies. My friend who has a child in Kindergarten this year, detailed the woes of the long list in mind boggling quantities like 20 glue sticks. Whatever happened to one glue stick, maybe two? And a pair of scissors and a notebook? Not the case anymore. Did I mention she has three other kids? All I see are dollar signs whizzing by and it makes me a little dizzy.

Landon's thankfully, wasn't as extensive. They take it pretty easy on preschoolers, I think. Even so, he's grown out of all of his clothes and he needs new shoes and other items that are not on the official school supply list. Which means, more dollar signs. Which means, I need a budget. 

Whether you're a family of 12 or a family of 4, everyone appreciates a good sale! Luckily, the Just Between Friends Fall Sale is coming up. If it's anything like their Spring sale, I won't be disappointed.


Just Between Friends is a huge consignment sale for children's and maternity items. Over 500 local families participate every year, bringing close to 100,000 items in excellent condition such as clothes, shoes, educational toys and much more


They have two locations for convenience. The first is in Lees Summit at the Pavilion at John Knox Village from August 21st to August 24th. 

Thursday August 21st- Prime Time Shopping (10 am-7 pm):
$10 Admission, 18 & Over, Children Free

Friday August 22nd- Open to the Public (10 am-7 pm):
$2 Admission, 18 & Over, Children Free
*Join the email list for a free admission coupon!

Saturday August 23rd (10 am-7 pm):
Free admission
*25% off items without a star

Sunday August 24th (10 am-7 pm):
Free admission
*50% off items without a star

Chance to win free "front of the line" passes and JBF Bucks: Join the Twitter Party on August 20th from 12 pm-1!

The second is in Overland Park at the International Trade Center from September 10th to September 14th.

Wednesday September 10th- Prime Time Shopping (2 pm-9 pm):
$10 Admission, 18 & Over, Children Free

Thursday September 11th- Open to the Public (9 am-8 pm):
$2 Admission, 18 & Over, Children Free

Friday September 12th (9 am-8 pm):
Free Admission

Saturday September 13th (9 am-5 pm):
Free Admission

Sunday September 14th (9am-5 pm):
Free Admission
*50% off items without a star

Chance to win free "front of the line" passes and JBF Bucks: Join the Twitter Party on September 9th from 8pm-9!

I highly recommend taking advantage of the prime time shopping hours so that you can get first dibs on all of the great deals! I'll see you there ;)


*This post was sponsored by Just Between Friends of Lees Summit and Overland Park. This is a partnership with Real Mom Media. All opinions expressed are my own.

August 13, 2014

Guest Post: What Depression Feels Like

This morning, my older sister sent me a text, asking if I would share a blurb about her struggle with depression and what it feels like.

You probably wouldn't peg her as someone who battles with depression. She is kind and brave and  smart and funny. But she's also quiet and often reserved and it's difficult at times for her to share the hard truths. It's important to understand that there's no specific look to depression, no one person of a certain religion, economic or educational status. It can affect anyone at any time for any reason.
In the wake of Robin William's suicide, so many have been sharing their personal battles with depression and I am honored to share my sister's.


Lots of people struggle with depression and lose the battle. They visualize it as the lines on their face when staring into a mirror, their arms and legs carved, the amount of pills ingested, or the alcohol that temporarily numbs the pain. 

It's difficult not to carry it with you.

I see mine as something sort of like a shadow that follows me closely, always waiting for the perfect moment to materialize. Like a combatant out of thin air, it wants to take me down.

I greet it by saying, "Hello old friend, I've missed you."

And then it charges at me and the battle begins. This can go on for days or just a few minutes and the hits I take...they hurt.

Some people forget that they don't have to take it, that they can hit back. The battle subsides and the depression doesn't have to win.

The moment that I start carrying it inside of me instead of away from me, I have lost the battle. 

And I will always be a fighter.

Special thanks to my sister for wanting to share. You're the best!


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